Escorpión Futsal Academy

Rockport Indoor Soccer houses Escorpión Futsal Academy. EFA is the first futsal club in the State of Georgia. Escorpion Futsal Academy provides with professional practices, international tournaments and education about futsal. 



The Corporation operates a youth futsal club and organization in Gainesville, GA. and is committed to reach and help develop the youth and adult in the community through the game of futsal by providing each player the opportunity to play futsal at the highest level possible. EFA Futsal philosophy is based on high foot skills and utilizing creativity to create goal opportunities.  We heavily emphasize the technical aspect to keep possession of the ball without rushing to the attack. We encourage creativity and explosive movements to avoid static offense. Aerobic and anaerobic capacity are key factor as team transition to offense or to defense.

Vision and Objectives

To establish a strong development model that creates an impact on the number of players who will develop a love, understanding, passion and respect for the game of Futsal.  EFA provides opportunities to play futsal to all social-economical background players where finances are not a factor. EFA will expose players to the highest levels of competition with local and international teams to reach their full potential. Admissions to the EFA is selective and by invitation only. 

  1. Culture core of values and identity.-

  • Integrity

  • Courage

  • Self Discipline

  • Self Respect

  • Honesty

  • Fairness

  • Having Fun

  • Guts

Toni Farreras, Barcelona Coach is our "Guru"

Widely touted as one of the top up and coming coaches in all of Spain, Toni Farreras came to Rockport  on January, 2018  to lead the first ever professional youth futsal academy in the state of Georgia.  His training and advise will help us identify players to compete at the Disney Futsal World Championship.

Toni's Coach Career Highlights:

  • 14 year experience with youth players 4-18 in Canet F.S.

  • 2 time Catalonia Champion.

  • 1 year with Futsal Mataro u12s

  • Beat FC Barcelona in the finals to win u12 Catalonia Cup Championship.

  • 1 year with Les Corts u18s 

  • National Championships Runners Up. 

Toni's Playing Career Highlights:

  • Canet FS as a youth

  • u18 Catalonia Regional Team

  • Won the u18 Spanish National Championship with Catalonia

  • Stayed with his youth club, Canet FS for a 5 year career in the LNFS Second Division

Toni brings all the tools and experience earned from a successful 20 year coaching career in the sport to GA.