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Partnering with Profive Academy

Rockport announces partnership Profive Academy.

Profive is a Futsal academy located in Barcelona Spain. Profive is dedicated to teaching futsal to individuals and teams.

Rockport is extremely excited to partner with Profive Academy to help us grow our futsal and our players by offering the opportunity to experience futsal in Spain through personalized player, team and coach futsal residencies.


Profive Academy is passionate about engaging, inspiring and empowering players and coaches to discover their personal development pathway to love, learn and live futsal through an immersive futsal experience.


Futsal, like it is meant to be!


Learn Futsal

Online with Profive Academy

40x20 Futsal Methodology

All our courses follow a similar structure and  cover the theory, diagrammatic and video explanation and analysis, coaching tips, common mistakes and how to resolve these, plus ready made practices for you to put it all in action on the court.

Futsal, like it is meant to be!

Player Residency Experience

Profive Academy Futsal Experiences


Everyone deserves to love futsal and everyone should experience the game at its best. A genuine love for the game makes learning enjoyable and instills a greater desire and willingness to work on areas of improvement.


At Profive Academy they want people to learn the game in a learning-centric and passionate environment. And besides teaching the beautiful Futsal game they also want our players and coaches to learn those important life skills like resilience, commitment, excellence, disappointment, happiness, friendship.


They offer player (4 or 10 weeks), the team (1 or 2 weeks) and coach (1 or 2 weeks) residencies.


Futsal, like it’s meant to be.


Click here to see an amazing brochure with detail information 

Let Rockport take you to Barcelona

Rockport is proud to partner with Profive to give players a chance to experience the Barcelona culture and  Futsal at the highest level.

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